Renovation Chalet 800


Start 20 march 2020

20th of March 2020

This is the mountain house before the renovation

30th of March 2020

All the walls we don't need are demolished.

17th of April 2020

It is time to demolish the roof after demolishing a lot of walls

29th of April 2020

The outside wall of stones had to be rebuild with the old stones we had left from demolishing the inside walls

18th of May 2020

All the inside floors of concrete are finished, preparing for the wooden construction on top

27th of May 2020

The second floor of the wooden floors is under cunstruction. The openings for the doors and windows are ready

9th of June 2020

The roof is done and outside walls in stone are finished

30th of June 2020

We have almost reached the highest point of the outside walls in wood

30th of July 2020

All the windows and doors are installed


17th of October 2020

The balcony and terrace are finished